About Me

Oh, hi there! Bit nosy, are you? That's fine. This is the internet; everyone's nosy here.

My first name is Jill and my last name is a profession that requires a license. Don't bother Googling me, because the first thousand or so results are going to be for a Juno-nominated singer-songwriter from Halifax, with a few random hits for a British doctor. I don't want to disappoint you, but neither of those women is me (the Juno committee continues to snub me year after year; apparently they're unaware that I once wrote a song about my therapist's cat).

What else?

I live near Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, it's hot. I bleed Dodger blue but in a pinch I'll root for whoever's playing the Yankees. I'm short. I don't like fish. I think pigeons are cute. I have never in my life turned down M&M's. I own too many books. I am neither a Mac nor a PC (hello, Linux!). I once got a piece of oregano lodged in my right tonsil.

That's a weird one. Sorry. That'll teach you to be nosy.

If you're reading this (and you are) then I probably don't need to mention that I'm a birth mother. But I suppose I just did, so I'll say it again: I'm a birth mother. I had a baby girl, Roo, in July of 2009 and I placed her for adoption nine weeks later, on the first anniversary of my dad's death (he had brain cancer).

This blog is my story - mine and some of Roo's - and my thoughts. I started it right after I decided to place Roo for adoption. I like to think my writing has evolved since then, and that I have as well. This blog is a little disorganized and rambling and it's not all shiny and pretty. But it's real, and it's mine. The end.