At the risk of sounding like a three-year-old, this blog is MINE. All mine. I wrote it all by myself, unless otherwise indicated. If you want to re-post something of mine, contact me by e-mail at thehappiestsad AT gmail DOT com. I will almost always give permission but I like to know first. Speaking of permission, you know what's not cool? Stealing. Never been a fan. Stealing is a really lousy thing to do. So don't do it. Don't take anything I wrote and pass it off as your own. Just don't, okay?

It should go without saying, but everything I write, my ideas, opinions, and commentary are 100% my own views. I do not nor will I ever claim to speak for anyone other than myself. I am the Official Spokesman for Me, and that's it.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (you know us best as Mormons) but this most certainly is not an official church blog, and nothing I say should be construed as official doctrine. You want the good stuff, try Lds.org. They'll set you straight.

My sidebar and my blog in general contain links to a number of websites, blogs, guest posts, on-line bookstores, etc. Unless the link is a subdomain of thehappiestsad.com, it's not my blog and I'm not responsible for the content or opinions you might find. So don't blame me if you stumble onto something you disagree with, or credit me if you find something you like.

I think that's about it. If the preceding doesn't cover my legal backside, then the world has become just too complicated for me.