Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry, Peeps

Have y'all seen the movie Groundhog Day? It's one of my favorites. It's also about twenty years old so I'm not going to bother with a spoiler alert. On one of the days, Bill Murray's character Phil has gone a little cuckoo, and he steals the groundhog and drives off in a pickup truck. Phil the man is in the passenger's seat, with Phil the groundhog at the wheel. At one point, as the truck careens wildly, human Phil admonishes his furry driving companion, "Don't drive angry, Phil."

There is a point to that recollection, I promise. And here it is.

I have a blog rule I made after a few hasty, emotion-fueled posts: I don't blog angry. Or depressed. Or anxious. Or emotional. I type things out in Word (or rather, the OpenOffice equivalent), or as a draft in Blogger, and I come back to it when I've cooled off a bit. I don't always follow my rule to the letter, but I think I've gotten much better at it, and I think my blogging has improved as a result (although people do seem to better enjoy the really raw emotional stuff, which I reckon is just human nature).

I broke my rule earlier. I was upset and my feelings were hurt, and I vented. I'm not proud of myself. My kneejerk reaction was an immature one, and I regret it. Kind blog readers, please forgive my emotional indulgence. I promise to whine less in the future.


Meg and Ken said...

No worries, I enjoy cheese and crackers with my whine!! LOL. You had every right to air your feelings.

The Smith's said...

I agree!