Monday, January 24, 2011

Guest Post

Today I am guest posting on my friend Brittany's blog. Have I ever said how much I love her blog? I love her blog. Click on over HERE and check it out. Or, if you prefer to go directly to my post, click HERE instead.

My post is part of a series of guest posts on phantoms in adoption. It is awesome. The series, not my post. Not that my post isn't awesome, but they're all awesome.

The good news, if you've missed my regularly scheduled blathering, is that I got a bunch of writing done this weekend when I was supposed to be doing homework, so I should be able to post a bit more regularly. In the meantime, for today, there's the guest post.


MrsPerrbear said...

I will probably wind up rereading that post, and then thinking of a long drawn out comment, and then get lazy and never come back and atually post it here, so I'll leave a short, not as profound one now, so that at least it's here. LOL. That was an absolutely fantastic post. So much in it that I could identify I love the way you write...up front, no fluffiness, and the sense of humor is great. Thank you for writing this!

Lara Zierke said...

I thought your post was excellent. That whole series is so cool and so true - and one of those things people just don't talk about. All your feelings make complete sense. Thanks for sharing them.