Monday, August 15, 2011

Back Home Again

Did you know that from my house in the Valley to the Davis Conference Center it's exactly 735.9 miles? True story. My car's trip odometer says so. Also a true story: Gasoline is about thirty cents per gallon more expensive in Utah than in Phoenix. I paid three and a quarter in Mesa and $3.69 in the middle of the Beehive State. Scandalous! They have refineries there. Gas should be cheaper. Although how sad would it be if BP lost money that way? I know I'd cry myself to sleep. So $3.69 it was.

(I first typed that as $369, which reminds me of a truck I saw near Anthem on my way out of the Valley. It was for sale, but the guy had put a $ in front of his phone number, which confusingly took up two lines. Dear guy in the red truck: your late 90's low-rider Chevy isn't worth $623,000 dollars. You might want to fix that.)

Anyway. I think I was trying to make a point, and here it is: I'm tired. I drove 13 hours on Thursday (and lost an hour thanks to the inanity that is Daylight Saving Time) and 11 hours yesterday (not sure how that worked out but I'm going to credit taking highway 89A instead of 89), and the blog post I planned about the conference is going to have to wait.

But you know what? As excruciatingly dull and butt-numbingly long as the drive was, it was worth it. I met some really cool people and learned a lot of important things and gave what I think was a pretty darn good presentation. And I had homemade brownies and ate them on a patio overlooking pretty much all of North Salt Lake (thanks, Becky!). I think that adoption people are the best people. You know that song about how people who need people are the luckiest people in the world? (I hate that song.) Well, I think that adoption people are the luckiest people in the world - or if not the luckiest, the coolest. Some of my favorite people in the whole world are my adoption friends.

I found myself thinking frequently of Roo, and wondering what she was up to. I do that sometimes. But I thought of her, and pictured her sitting with a book and carefully turning the pages as she does, or imitating everything her big sister does, or swimming or coloring or just being adorable, and I thought just as frequently of how very grateful I am for what adoption has given my little Roo. I'm willing to take credit for how cute she turned out, but everything else she is, is a result of her mommy and daddy.

I heard one adoptee say on Friday that she wouldn't be the person she is with the great life she has if she hadn't been raised in the family she was raised in, and she was grateful to her birth mother. I loved hearing that. I think, that's going to be Roo someday with that sentiment, happy and successful and smart and saying, “I am who I am because P and M are my parents, and I'm so glad my birth mother placed me with them!”

I'm glad I placed her with them, too. I'm thankful every day.


Anonymous said...

My friends were at that conference, so I pointed them toward your blog. You may have a new reader.

But speaking of good lives, we had a friend visiting on Sunday and she found out my husband was adopted and was asking him various questions (because she and her husband plan to adopt) and she was asking him if he's ever met his birth mother (he hasn't). But it made me smile when he said if that ever happens he hopes she is in a good place in her life and he can tell her she made the best choice for him, since he has great parents.

Savannah said...

Off the wall question, how did you get the tabs at the top of your blog?

The Blessed Barrenness said...

I loved read the last part of this posting. Reading your thoughts and how you think about Roo helps me feel connected with our birth mother, with her thoughts & her feelings about our Ava and who she is growing up to be.

I hope & pray that one day Ava will share that sentiment one day and that her Daddy & I can offer her the life her birth mother dreamed of for her.

Jill Elizabeth said...

Savannah, the tabs are pages. Under "Posting," click on "Edit Pages" and you can make pages. If you want to move them around, go under "Design" and click on the Pages element and you can work with them there. I hope that makes sense :)