Friday, July 2, 2010

I'd Like to Thank the Academy ...

So. Y'all remember Captain Cluck? Click on his name if you don't. Long story short, I'd grown weary of seeing blog awards and not having one of my own, so I MADE one of my own, featuring a chicken, because I think chickens are adorable.

I offered up Captain Cluck to anyone who had ever wanted a blog award because, like Mr Sunshine in the Jimmy Dean Breakfast commercials, I think you're all awesome. One of the awesome peeps who adopted (no pun intended) Captain Cluck was Mary. Mary is awesome.

(I know I use that word too much. I've been told. I don't care.)

Because Mary is so awesome (hi, Mary!) she took pity on little old chickens-and-Paint Shop Pro me, and gave me a real, legitimate blog award! Here it is. Isn't it pretty? I've always loved daisies.

This is probably the first and only time that "sunshine" has been used as any sort of descriptor for me. I'm more ... partly sunny, I guess, or I would be if I were weather, which I'm not. But I'll take it just the same. Captain Cluck was getting lonely on my sidebar, and I bet he likes daisies too.

Actually, I did accidentally spread a little sunshine in Galway, and during the rain at that. This guy was standing by the bench with the Wilde Brothers statues, playing the most beautiful song on his violin. I dropped two coins into his violin case. I thought they were one-Euro coins, but they were two-Euro coins. I discovered when I went to pay for my hamburger later that I'd dropped in four Euro instead of just two. Oh well. Sure made that guy's day!

I'm supposed to nominate 12 other people for this particular blog award, which seems like a bit much. I'm not at my best and brightest before noon, and I can't even think of 12 different people I know at the moment, much less 12 award-worthy blogs. I don't want to be insincere or hasty so I'm going to be a lazy weasel and do that later. In the meantime, Captain Chicken and the Sunshine Flower (that sounds like a band from the late 60s) will keep each other company in my sidebar.

Thanks again, Mary! You're awesome.


jgirl said...

How so very cool and I must say...well deserved! Congrats Jill! ;0)

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

That's AWESOME! Just like you. :)

PS: Did I ever tell you Que wants chickens? He wants to name them "Shake" and "Bake."

Nicole said...

I think Captain Cluck and the little daisy are a match made in heaven :)

April Morgan McCoy "Auntie April" said...

I'm lovin the Captain Cluck Award. Congratulations is in order! Pat yourself on the back!!! ;)

MrsPerrbear said...

Check out Kelsey Stewart's blog, "The birthmother voice". She has been a birthmother for over 20 years, and her blog, her book, and her life are ALL equally awesome!!!

AubreyMo said...

You spread more sunshine than you think ;)