Sunday, January 10, 2010

Button-less But Brilliant

Back in November I posted a whole slew of buttons for adoptive couple blogs. I have a link to it on my main page, because I think it's important for adoption blogs to get as much exposure as they can. I liked P's and M's profile on the LDS Family Services website. But their blog did more for me to convince me that I really wanted to meet these people.

Not everyone has a button for their website, of course. I don't have one for mine (although if I can ever figure out this Photoshop thing, that might change). If I wanted one, I would probably use the handy tutorial found *here* to do so.

But just because a couple has a button-less blog doesn't mean they're any less fantastic. So I thought I'd share the love and have some regular old links to the blogs of great people who would love to adopt.

This list is by no means comprehensive, it's just what I put together over an hour or two. If you'd like to be added (to this list, or to my button directory), e-mail me your URL and I'll put you on the list.

Adam and Heather
Alex and Sarah
Barry and Rebecca
Ben and Britney
Ben and Katie
Ben and Kindle
Ben and Sherrie
Bill and Alicia
Bob and Colista
Bobby and Norys
Brady and Karen
Brent and Suzanne
Brian and Christine
Brian and Janelle
Brian and Leisha
Brian and Nicole
Brian and Trudy
Bryan and Suzanne
Cameron and Jenny
Chad and Angie
Chad and Melissa
Chad and Tina
Chad and Wendy
Chris and Becky
Chris and Jamie
Clayton and Angie
Dan and Angela
Dan and Brittany
Daniel and Ashley
Daniel and Jennie
Dave and Annie
David and Kristin
David and Vonae
Davis and Rebecca
Derek and Laura
Devin and Lynette
Don and Kendra
Doug and Marianne
Dustin and Andrea
Dustin and Nicole
Eric and Christy
Eric and Kate
Geoff and Felicia
Greg and Kristen
Greg and Michelle
Heath and Alyssa
Hema and Becky
Jake and Alisa
Jake and Gina
Jason and Adrienne
Jason and Aime
Jason and Emily
Jason and Rachel
Jeremy and Becky
Jimi and Sarah
Joel and Katie
Joey and Nicole
Jon and Carrie
Josh and Andrea
Josh and Nancy
Joshua and Lindsey
Keith and Chantelle
Kendall and Katy
Kent and Tiffany
Kevin and Andrea
Kevin and Christa
Kevin and Danya
Kevin & Tenille
Kirt and Andrea
Kyle and Jessica
Kyle and Shelby
Levi and Sandra
Lincoln and Megan
Logan and Ashley
Lonny and Amy
Luke and Tina
Lyle and Janie
Mark and Nicole
Mark and Tiffany
Mat and Michelle
Matt and Courtney
Matt and Jen<----- I've met them, and they are awesome!
Matt and Karen
Michael and Camille
Mike and Amanda
Mike and Hallie
Mike and Jamie
Mike and Nicole
Mike and Risa
Nathan and Emily
Nathaniel and Karen
Nathaniel and Karlee
Peter and Linda
Rex and Jennifer
Richard and Elesa
Rick and Christi
Robby and Angee
Rocky and Whitney
Rodney and Carrie
Ron and Jessica
Russell and Jammie
Ryan and Alicia
Ryan and Amanda
Ryan and Cyd
Ryan and Jen
Ryan and Juliana
Ryan and Nici
Ryan and Nicole
Spencer and Wendy
Steve and Amy
Steve and Deidra
Steven and Kara
Steven and Jocelyn
Taylor and Lisa
Terry and Linda
Todd and Karine
Tom and Becky
Tom and Shian
Tommy and Annie
Tyler and Jen
Tyler and Michelle
Tyler and Sarah
Tyrell and Tarrin
Tyson and Jennie
Uriah and Melinda


dust and kam said...

You are so thoughtful!

I think I am going to steal (forgive me?) all of these links and put them on my "under construction" adoption blog until we put it up again. I have been going to do it for weeks, but haven't started yet. This gives me a great place to start. Thank you!!

I have another for you. They are my dearest IRL friends.

Jill Elizabeth said...

Steal away! I'll add Rod and Carrie to the list :o)