Sunday, December 13, 2009


Roo was blessed in church today. My mother and I got to be there for it. Roo had on her pretty white dress again (how her parents kept it urp-free is beyond me) and she was so well-behaved. I got to hold her for a few minutes before sacrament meeting - she kept her little feet kicking constantly - just sort of a busy, happy baby kick. I can still remember so clearly what those little feet felt like kicking in my belly. Her tiny heels hurt much less kicking against my kneecap than they did against my ribs.

I got to hold her for a bit again afterward, and my mom took some pictures. Roo made all sorts of funny faces for me. She has such an expressive little face. She got crabby after a little bit - it was her nap time. She wasn't even that fussy. It was just her way of saying, "Um, excuse me, but I'm not very happy at the moment. I'd love it if you could do something to cheer me up soon, and I wish I could make a suggestion as to what that is, but unfortunately I'm a baby and I'm not good at that sort of thing. So, could you please make me happy? ... Oh, a nap. What a good idea, Daddy!"

(How I got all that from a few "eh"s is beyond me, but it's what I've decided she said just the same.)

I have felt so peaceful and happy all day. This was the last of the things I wanted for Roo as a baby - a finalization, a sealing, and now a blessing. What a happy day! I can rest easy, I can relax. She's taken care of, and she's theirs in the eyes of God and the law. Whew.

Roo really is the sweetest baby I have ever known. She is so calm, so mellow, so happy. Very little seems to phase her. She gets these funny looks on her face like she's not sure what to make of things at times, but she doesn't scream or throw fits or wail for hours. She is just sweet. Not to mention beautiful, but I will anyway.

I am so glad today was a good day. I'm thankful for the peace I had, and the confirmation I felt that Roo is exactly where and with whom she's meant to be. That little girl loves her parents. It was so good to see her with them - to see her face light up when she sees them, to see her smile at her daddy and relax in her mommy's arms. P and M are such good parents. Roo is so blessed to be in their family. And I am so blessed to be her birth mother.

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