Thursday, June 3, 2010


It almost didn't feel like I was really here for a few days, because everything's just how you'd think it would be, so it almost felt more like an Ireland amusement park than an actual foreign country. Disney Ireland, sort of.

It's really lovely here, green as far as the eye can see, and while it's cooler than I'm used to in the summer months, it's so beautiful I don't much mind what the weather's up to.

So far, I have:

Stared at this for 12 hours

Made friends with a baby swan or two

Stormed a castle (looks like someone beat me to it, though)

And become a Ring Donut Monster (I adore Tesco)

(and no, that is not Duckface. That is my Ring Donut Monster face)

My dreams of finding a pasty Irish husband have been dashed when I realized, after a day or two, that everyone here, including small children, seems to have alcohol running through their veins. I have a theory that this national obsession with booze is the reason Ireland has never been a major world power.

But it is beautiful here, and I love it, and I'm going shopping in a few minutes with my new non-drinking buddy, Janelle. There's a mall downtown with an H&M and a Marks & Spencer, and all sorts of other exciting stores with ampersands in the titles.

It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I'll be looking for something in a waterproof jacket. And sometime soon, as early as next week, I may or may not become a Jam Donut Monster. We shall see.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

So excited for you! Thanks for the update. Oh, and that baby swan is too adorable. :)

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journey said...

Disney Ireland. Haha
I love your pictures! Keep them coming!

AubreyMo said...

Not so much a fan of Jam donuts, but those donuts look tasty. (Do you ever wonder if you should spell "doughnuts"? It's one of those words I can never decide on).

As far as the reminds me of that joke, "why was beer invented? To keep the Irish from taking over!" or something like that. No, maybe it wasn't like that. I'm leaving now before I butcher even more jokes.