Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Lied

You can't leave Ireland without buying a Claddagh ring, I told myself. It just isn't done. So today after spending a bit of time taking pictures in the bay, I stopped in a small jewelry store on my way back to Eyre Square.

The store was tiny but well-stocked with beautiful jewelry and other fragile, shiny things. I looked around for a few minutes, deciding what gifts I'd buy and for whom if money was no object. Then I went to the counter and the saleswoman helped me find a ring that fit. It took a few tries because I have my paternal grandfather's chunky fingers, but the fourth one was perfect. I admired it for a moment before deciding to buy it.

"Would you like to wear it out?" The saleswoman asked.

"Oh, sure," I said.

"Right then. Does anyone have your heart?"

I knew what she meant, and being very much single I said no, no one had my heart, and she told me to turn the ring around so the crown pointed to my wrist instead of my fingernail.

But even as I answered no, I knew I was lying. Someone very much has my heart. She stole it almost a year ago and I think she'll have it forever.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


jgirl said...

as it should be! ;0)

Danya said...

Wow. This is such an amazingly sweet post. Thanks for sharing! :)

Candace said...

Isn't it crazy how babies steal our hearts so easily

AubreyMo said...

I think closer to your heart is cuter anyway ...because that little Roo IS your heart. (PS I always had a girl - crush on those rings because I saw one once on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)