Friday, September 18, 2009


I am so excited to see my baby tomorrow, I can't even begin to explain. I am so looking forward to holding her again, to kissing her chubby cheeks and staring at her sweet face.

Part of me worries (part of me always worries, but there you are). I worry that it will be too hard to let her go again. That it will be like placing her all over again, and that the emotional and spiritual progress I have made in the past week will be rendered void. I worry that I will be too emotional to enjoy seeing her. I worry that seeing me this soon after placement will confuse Roo about things.

But I have to risk it. I can't *not* risk it. It is worth the risk to see my precious Roo again. To hold her. And I think it will be good for me to see for myself how happy she is, how she's thriving, and how very much she is loved.

I will see her in less than fourteen hours. I absolutely cannot wait.

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