Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I packed up some of Roo's things yesterday (September 29).

Target had these cute little plastic storage boxes that will fit neatly into the bigger latching boxes, so I got a bunch of them for small things. I put bibs into one, socks into another, and shoes into a bigger one.

I thought it would be harder. I didn't even cry. I found it rather easy to sort through things and pack them away. I thought I was going to cry a few times. I didn't. I still have hours more work to do - I haven't done any Roo laundry in three weeks. All of the sleepers and Onesies she wore the last week I had her are still sitting in the laundry basket. I haven't taken the sheet off the crib mattress.

I meant to do laundry. But every time I looked at the basket, I saw a sock or a bodysuit or a sleeper that I had strong memories of, and I couldn't make myself do it. I think I'll have my mom wash them. I'm just not ready yet.

I wonder if I'll ever be.

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